Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today's update.

Carter. Oh, that Carter bug. If there was ever a kid who had serious self confidence, it would be him. He rules the house, or so he thinks. But he can also be my hardest worker and most obedient. He loves soccer and Pokemon. He is really into Pokemon Go. He is very tender with Perry and I just love to watch those two together. Carter is also obsessed with our chickens and turkeys. Especially the turkey. He goes out at least 4 times a day to check on the coop and collect eggs and pet the turkey. It is so fun. 
Megs. That girl still has the absolute best imagination. She can and does play for hours with her toys. It's so fun to watch her just interact with herself. Haha. She gets to be a flower girl this weekend for Golden's wedding this next weekend, and between that and her 8th birthday in a week and a half, she is just so excited for life she can't contain herself. So she's our happy girl. She loves Perry too. She lives to sit and read to him and okay house with him. 
Derrick has been having a hard time this summer. He has not really liked having Megan and Carter home and back in his space. He likes order and peace, and those two home have been disrupting his. But, he is getting better. He starts kindergarten and is super excited. I'm really nervous for him. I don't know how he'll handle all the people and no space. We shall see!  He is still such a sweet and tender hearted boy. 
Perry. Oh my Perry. He is one spoiled little boy. He has everyone wrapped around his cute little fingers. He is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with airplanes and trains. He also just loves being outside. He'll be the only child left at home, and I'm pretty sure he is going to be one lonely kid. He's used to having his siblings at his beck and call. But I'm excited for some one on one time. 
And so that's our updates!

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