Sunday, October 18, 2015


A couple of nights ago, as I was carrying Derrick in his sleep, he mumbled, "Pancakes."
Me: "Pancakes? You want pancakes?"
Derrick: "Uh huh."
Me: "Okay, well if you go back to sleep, I'll make you pancakes for breakfast.  Sound good? With eggs and bacon too. Does that sound good?"
Derrick nodded.
Me: "Okay, go back to sleep."
The next morning, I got up with Derrick, he's my early riser, and started making pancakes, just like I'd promised him.
Derrick: "What are you doing, Mom?"
Me:  "Making pancakes, just like I told you I would. (Because even though they are asleep when you say something, you know that the one time you don't follow through would be the one time they remember!)"
Derrick:  "Pancakes? What are pancakes?"
Me: "Seriously? You don't know what a pancake is???" (Yes I have made them before. Plenty of times!)
Derrick shakes his head no. 
Insert palm smack to forehead. 
I don't know how he can ask for something in his sleep but then act like he hasn't even heard of the word when he's awake.  Kids!!

The Beus Gang

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