Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pinewood Derby Champion!!!!

Carter had his very first Pinewood Derby in May!  Bo was working a ton in May trying to get all his requirements done so he could complete residency, and since he didn't have any time to help Carter, and I was busy being a practically single mom of 4, I called in reinforcements to help Carter out. 
 My brother Ivin is really REALLY into Pinewood Derbies.  It's his hobby.  And since Ivin is good at pretty much everything he does, I knew he would be able to help Carter make a pretty darn good car.  SO I called up Ivin, and Carter and I got to talking with him about what to do/ what we wanted.  Ivin pretty much hooked us up. He asked Carter if he wanted a fast car, or a fancy car.  Carter chose fast. :)  Ivin cut one out, put the weights on/in, and mailed us a car. 
Bo had one morning off before Carter's derby, so we pulled Carter out of school (yes, yes we did) and Carter and Bo sanded and then painted his car. 
The night of the Derby I loaded up the kids, yes Bo was working, and we headed off, all a bundle of nerves.  Okay, maybe just me.  Carter was so excited.  Race after race after race Carter won.  He lost maybe two of his races (due to the third lane), but after it was all said and done, his had the best score and beat almost all the others by a good car's length.  BooYah!!!!  Carter was thrilled.  And I had my proud mom moment that night when Carter chose not to brag or gloat AT ALL about his winning car.  He was just thrilled to be there.
It was fun, and we can't wait for next year's!!  We'll get to actually be with Ivin and have a more hands on experience in cutting it out.  And we'll have a new ward to beat. hahahaa. ;)

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Katie said...

Is it not every little boy's dream to win it all at a pinewood derby? So awesome!

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