Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Break at the Mammoth Caves

This Spring Break we met up with the Heslops at the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  Syd and Dave had never been, and we hadn't been in 3 years (we went on our move up to Indiana), so we thought it would be a great vacation destination.  Not to mention that the caves were an equal distance away from both of us. :) We rented a four bedroom cabin and shared it. Oh my goodness, it was SO FUN.  Since I didn't go in the caves because Perry was like 4 weeks old, there are no pictures of the caves. :(  And since I was also sleep deprived and dealing with a newborn, I forgot to take tons of pictures.  Oh well.  I did take a few, blurry as they are....
We stayed for 2 nights.  The first night we did a hike and then a bonfire with hot dogs.  Syd's brother, Casey Marlatt, and his family joined us for the evening since they were only an hour away.  The next day was the mammoth caves in the morning and then we went to this recreation place where the kids jumped in bounce houses and then we played miniature golf in black lights.  That was fun. The next day we just hung out and cleaned and then we all took off to go our separate ways home.  I think my favorite part of the whole trip was when the kids were in bed and we adults got to play games till late.  We love the Heslops and are really going to miss living within driving distance of them.

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