Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BYU vs. Notre Dame

Did you know Notre Dame is only like 2 to 3 hours from Indy?  I didn't until I moved here. 
Every year that we have lived here, the BYU Football team has come and played Notre Dame at Notre Dame.
Bo and I have been wanting to go every year, but funds or schedules or sold out tickets have gotten in the way, and we haven't been able to go.
Not this year!  This year my AWESOME friend Lindsay Adams got her hands on some tickets and invited Bo and me to join her and her husband for the game.  YES, PLEASE!
The game was sooooo fun.  We lost, but it was still intense and exciting.  It was also FREEZING.  And I don't mean 32 degrees freezing, I mean 0 degrees.  It also snowed off and on the whole day too.  Sooooooooooo cold.  And that's a stuttering soooooo because of the cold. I think it took the whole drive home for me to finally thaw off. 
We arrived a couple of hours before the game so we could go see the sites and go to the BYU Alumni tailgating party that was, thankfully, inside. 
After the game we went to a local Irish Pub and had yummy Irish food and listened to live music. Lindsay took lots more photos, but unfortunately my computer won't download them.  Just imagine lots of smiling red cheeks.  And snow. 
Such a fun day!  I'm glad we got to go, and now I can move from Indiana with one more thing checked off my Indiana bucket list.  Thanks Lindsay and Brandt!!! 

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Lindsay Adams said...

EPIC day! Thanks for always being my partner in crime-- er, I mean partner in FUN!!!

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