Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Megan and Derrick are currently "camping" in my half bathroom.  My guess is that they chose this room because it lacks windows, and therefore makes an awesome room to have a headlight on in.  That's right, a headlight.  :)  Megan took some of my fake candles (battery operated) in there too.  I'm thinking I should be on the lookout for the marshmallows that are sure to follow?
Earlier they were in the laundry room using the dryer, with it's door open, as their source of light.  I have no clue why they changed rooms. Maybe Meg's realized the importance of proper plumbing when on a campout?  If so, clever girl.  She's learning young!
I'd take a picture, but that would require me getting away from the computer, plus lets be honest, it'd probably ruin the moment we are all having.  You know, the moment when the kids are getting along really well, and giving you some alone time to, you know, waste time on the computer. :)
Oh.  Megan is informing me now that the bathroom is now their house instead of their campsite.  Whatever works kids, whatever works.


Michelle said...

Haha cute kids. What a great memory to have recorded.

Katie said...

So cute!

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