Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow, I've really gotten behind on this whole blogging thing. If I want any posts for my blog book, I'd better actually blog! haha.
I have pictures and events to record, I'm just too lazy to do it. Bo moved all our pictures from the laptop over to our new computer. So now if I want to upload pics, I need to do it on the computer. There are two problems with that...haha... one, I'd actually have to get up off of my nice comfy recliner and go to another room, where I'd have to cramp my neck to try and see the tv too, and two, I'd have to sit in that really uncomfortable chair at the desk, which hurts my back. So yeah, no pictures for this post. I'll get to it, I promise. My goal is to write one new post every day next week.
Bo is working in the ICU. He leaves the house at about 6 am and gets home anywhere from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. And just because he's home, doesn't mean he's done. He gets home and then spends hours on the computer writing notes about his patients. Last night he didn't climb into bed till 1:30 am. My poor hubby. My poor kids for not seeing their dad. Poor me. I wasn't meant to be a single mom, I don't have the patience. Last weekish he worked 7 days straight, then 3 night shifts, then had 4 days off. Really it was only 3 because he spent the first day sleeping. Now he's working 7 days straight and ending with one night shift. Luckily he'll get 5 days off this time, so I'm really looking forward to next week, hence the blogging every day next week.
My mom came, helped tons, then left. My back was able to heal quite a bit with her here, but it's still not all better. I'm pretty much on pain killers all day. I'm supposed to start seeing a physical therapist though, so here's to hoping that I'll get better.
Carter started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Yes, I will have a blog post just for that. Can he really be that old? Am I really old enough to have a kindergartener?? I don't think so. Sometimes I think I'm too young for a lot of stuff. hahaha.
My house and yard are in shambles. I haven't been able to really clean or do anything because of taking it easy for my back. But... my kids are fed, happy, and at least we have clean clothes. That's all that's really important, right?
So please, please, don't give up on me, those who are still faithful friends and readers of the blog. I'm here and I'm making a comeback!!


Stormie said...

I'm glad your mom was able to help out; mine just left today and I'm already missing the help. That's crazy how tough Bo's schedule is! I didn't know it'd be that insane! It was great to hear from you. Hope you continue to feel better, and I'm looking forward to hearing how Carter likes school. Take care!

Serena said...

Hang in there, girl! I'm still reading :) I hope your back gets all the way better soon. That is so hard. But hey, happy kids AND clean are super woman. Now heal back, heal!

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