Saturday, May 7, 2011

busy, busy.

Hey friends! Sorry for the long absence. We have been super busy.
We are currently in Washington, at my parents, which has super slow internet, hence no pictures. I keep trying to add pictures, but the browser keeps freezing up. grrr. sorry.
In the past two weeks we have packed, had Easter, packed some more, loaded up the moving truck, cleaned the apartment, Cassidy flew with the kids to Washington to drop Carter and Meg off with the Grandparents and then hopped an another flight to Indianapolis with just Derrick (all in the same day), Bo drove 18 hours straight from Galveston to Indy and met up with Cassidy and Derrick as they got off the plane, Cassidy and Bo and Derrick shopped for houses for 5 days, the Beus family signed their lives away on their first house, Bo and Cassidy and Derrick flew back to Washington, and NOW we are all together at the Baker house trying to get some rest.
Can you see what I mean when saying we've been busy?
I wish I had pictures for you. Well, I guess I should say I wish the computer would let us add pictures for you. I'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, we hope you all are well, and we hope we've calmed those fears of yours that we've dropped off the planet. Okay, I doubt there were fears, but if there were, well then you are true friends. ;)
over and out.


Samantha said...

Cass! that is CRAZY! The crazy flights and even crazier HOUSE HUNTING! So much fun! But sounds stressful. Kyle and I have been walking through homes and I can't imagine having to do it in 5 days. Did you find something you like? I WANT PICTURES!

And consider me a true friend- I was wondering where you went.

Kimberly said...

Congrats on your first real home! I think there are perks to having a time crunch to do it in. You get the painful process over with quickly! Glad to hear that you are finally able to rest though! Miss you already!

Stormie said...

Hey! Did you get my text? I was wondering what was happening to you guys! I want to hear about your house sometime. How was it house shopping? Did it take you a long time to decide or did you know it was 'the one'? Talk to you again soon! P.S. Miyah asks to play with Megan and Carter all the time. I keep reminding her that they went away on the airplane. She misses them, and I miss you!

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