Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Toast

A toast to 28. May it be better than 27. WAAAAAAY better.
Really, it shouldn't be that hard.
For my birthday, my brother Ivin and his wife, Christina, along with their kids and Christina's siblings, all came to Moses Lake for the weekend of the 18th to celebrate my birthday.
And boy did we CELEBRATE!!!
I even had a theme! That's how cool they were, they threw me a THEMED party!!
I told them all I wanted was a pinata, so what did they do? They got me a princess castle pinata! They also got me a tiara and wand, and everyone else had those little paper rollup blower thingys along with tiaras too.
Yeah it was pretty rad. Bet you wish you had one, huh?
Oh it was so much fun. We all had a blast. I think Carter wished me Happy Birthday for like 4 days after that.
Thanks Ivin and Christina and Co.!!!!!!

Aren't my kids sooooo cute??

Yes, we are hitting the pinata in our church clothes. Yes, we hit the pinata BEFORE church. hahaa. It was the only time that would work. Besides, we needed something for the kids to munch on at church. Okay, okay, mostly just me.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Happy Birthday! 28! Isn't that suppose to be like the year the you look the most fabulous and are totally hip and awesome. Yipee. What a fun party. i am totally jealous :).

Kimberly said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a blast!

Whidget said...

You look super cute with the tiara and that skirt on! HOT mama!! :-) Happy Bday~!

Polly said...

Happy belated birthday, Cassidy! And I love that picture of you hitting the pinata! :) Are you still in Moses Lake? We are heading there this weekend.

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Happy Birthday Cass! You look hot girl! :) Way to have a pinata, how awesome is that?

esperanza said...

Happy Birthday! How fun to have a pinata! :) I can't believe you are 28! haha

Lynn said...

I'm so sad we missed seeing you this weekend. The Baker house was still busy and full! It would have been great to see you. I'm glad I have your blog to watch your kids grow.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's so late. I have had a lot of catching up to do with my reading. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

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