Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Washington

I arrived in Seattle Sunday morning, the 4th. Kids didn't take good naps. Kids went to bed late, like 9:30 late, which is really 11:45. Woke up at 5:45 in the am.
Kids took good naps the next day but still went to bed a little late. Woke up at 6. Me? NOT HAPPY.
Put kids down tonight at decent hour. Carter decided he was sick and needed to throw up. SO FUN.
So in a nut shell, glad to see family, wish I was back with Bo. I'm tired, so so SOOOO tired, wondering what in the world I'm doing away from my husband, wondering how in the world I'm gonna last a whole month, and considering changing my tickets to just fly back home next week.
My dad is coming to pick me up from Ivin's tomorrow. He says he'll get up with the kids in the morning. By then Carter will be better, hopefully my mood will change.
Wish me luck.
Lots of luck.


Jordon and Terra said...

Good luck!! DON'T change those tickets yet! We want to see you guys! I am SOOO excited you are in Washington! WOOHOO!!! I'm sorry it's been rough so far! We will take the kids for a day if you want and you can have a day off! :) Can't wait to see you!!!!!

Stormie said...

Shoot Cassidy! Sorry it isn't going well. Wish I could help. Hope your trip changes fast. Love from TX!

The Boyce's said...

It will ALL be better once you see me! :) I know that's the highlight of your trip! Haha Let's PLAY!!!

The Granthams said...

Lots of luck! Is Carter really sick or travel sick? Because if it's travel sickness I reccomend Dramamine. It works wonders for Sequoia. I discovered it after having one too many puke parties on the side of the highway. If nothing else, enjoy the lack of humidity!

dani_sahne said...

Hi, I promise to help out when I'm there as well. It'll be great. I'm sooooo excited. See you soon!

Briana said...

I'm sure it's a lot more fun than hanging out with Jason and Bo!!! Hang in there, it's just what happens when you travel with little ones. My boys did the same thing, we made it through, and we're having fun, so give it time.

Jackie said...

Good luck! But not too much, because I miss you, and secretly want you to come home next week! :)

But not really. Good luck and you have a lovely trip! Kisses to you and everyone!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

You can do it girl, hang in there!

Elizabeth said...

Traveling is always hard.
Knowing you and the situtation, I bet you need sleep, sleep, sleep.
Love you Cassidy and hope you have fun at home.
Aunt Buffy

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus