Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas gift?

Meg found an old purse of mine, and like a true girl, swung it over her shoulder and strutted around the house. I think I might have an idea on what to get her this year. . .
Not to be outdone in the picture department, Carter insisted I take a picture of him too. I taught him his moves.


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

She is so cute with her purse around! What a beutiful two some you have Cass
I miss ya girl:S

The Granthams said...

She is so big! It's amazing how fast they grow in just a few months. We really miss ya'll.

Whidget said...

Nice moves. I love that Meg! SHE IS SO CUTE. Did I mention I love her hair???? Blog coming up with photos of your cute kids--warning! I loved New Moon, too, fyi. Miss you!!

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